Posted by: keithsoifer | March 29, 2009

Sports – NFL Player vs. Dallas Police Department

Takeaways from evolving story;

1)  Cop was exercising his duty to stop and question motorist.  Driving through a stop sign is potentially dangerous.

2) The manner in which questioning took place was totally unprofessional on the part of the cop. ( “”Shut your mouth.””)

3) Numerous times during the questioning, cop demonstrated complete lack of good judgement. When cop was told by another cop that the motorist’s mother-in-law was dying in the hospital, cop responded that he was almost finished writing the ticket.

4) The fact that the Dallas Police Chief issued an immediate apology to the motorist’s family speaks volumes. Rarely does the police department not support its officers or at least waits until the internal investigation is completed.

5) The Policeman’s Union issued an immediate apology to the motorist’s family.  Ditto.

6) Cop issued apology to motorist’s family. Probably done at request of  cop’s lawyers as part of  strategy for upcoming investigation and possible lawsuits.

7)  This cop’s career with Dallas Police Department is toast.


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