Welcome to Keith Soifer’s Blog

Since I have been involved professionally in the mobile technology sector for more than a decade, I will focus my content on this fast growing consumer space.  Specifically I will share with my readers my interest in those mobile applications that enrich and entertain us, and help simplify our busy lives. 

Since one can not live by mobile technology alone, I will share with you some of my other interests which will include themes such as general business and technology, sports, and culture.

With a background in professional technology sales, I currently provide customers with in-home, customized technology guidance and instruction.  This work allows me to both share my knowledge and passion of mobile with my customers.

In addition to my mobile instruction work, I am an active board member of Mobile Monday Miami.  My mobile Twitter handle is @mobikeith. ( My general Twitter handle is @keithsoifer. )

I am also an USPTA certified Tennis Teaching Professional, run a popular league for some of south Florida’s top teaching pros, and also provide tennis programming in my residential community. ( My interest in mobile technology is not lost in tennis as I use text messaging extensively in running the Pro League. )

I enjoy the south Florida tropical paradise, but remain a devoted member of both the Red Sox and Patriot Nations.

I hope that you will be a regular reader and participant here.  As always, all feedback is welcome.




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